Monday, May 23, 2011

four month old chance!

he is BIG and HANDSOME and we love him!!!!

at Chance's four month appointment we got these results:
90th percentile in weight at 17.4 pounds.
90th percentile in height at 26 and 1/2 inches.

he truly is a big boy!!

Shadoe LAUGHED at his shots, and as usual,
I teared up at seeing my baby boy in pain and distress!

here are some of my favorite pictures we have of our BIG boy!

Chance having tummy time on daddy.
This usually results in Shadoe getting covered in spit up.

Chance is a sleepy boy!!
We always find him sleeping in the CUTEST ways.

Chance in his SUN HAT and BIG boy shoes.
He hates having the sun in his eyes so i'm happy we got him this cute sun hat that has a crab on the front from carter's! best baby store ever!
& his shirt says "i still live with my parents"
haha i got that from target and i think it's hilarious!

he is such a SMILEY guy.
we loooove him!

SUNGLASSES! he surprisingly loves these!

snuggle time with mama.
I love snuggling with him.
He has definitely started to outgrow cuddling,
because he loves stretching and sprawling soooo much.
So i'm always thankful for the moments he will cozy up to me!

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