Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Eight Month Old Big Baby Boy!

Chance is the light of my life! He keeps me young even though I'm starting to feel extremely old!

These are his 7 month pictures, and I'm obsessed with how cute they turned out!

I just laid a blanket over the back of the couch, opened the blinds, and let him do his thing while I snapped a few shots!

I absolutely adore his smile! It's the cutest, sweetest smile in the world!
(at least in my opinion!)

This is the look he gives me that just melts my heart. He is such a sweet baby!

At eight months old Chance loves:

-Anything we put in his mouth. I mean ANYTHING!
we don't give him anything and everything, but all the baby foods and snacks
we offer he absolutely loves!!
-To crawl!!
About two weeks before he turned 8 months, chance started crawling EVERYWHERE!
He is always finding something new to get into
no matter what we do!
-He is SO close to being able to stand up all by himself!!
-Chance LOVES climbing up furniture.
he will crawl over to the couch or a chair and just stand right up!
I'm so proud of him!
-He knows where his toys are kept!
I have his toys in the front room under a table.
All I have to do his set him down and he zooms over to play.
-He follows me and Shadoe EVERYWHERE!
whoever was the last to hold him, he chases around.
It's really cute!
-He says da da, pa pa, and ba ba. AND SOMETIMES MA MA!
Believe me, he knows what he is saying.
If we don't give him his bottle when he says "ba ba"
he has an instant freak out.
& if Shadoe doesn't give him attention after he says "da da"
he has the same reaction!
-Chance loves to watch "Bubble Guppies" and "Baby Bach"
They are the only two shows he will hold still for.
But, even that doesn't last long!
He loves moving around way too much to hold still for a whole 15-20 minutes.
-He can pick up food and put it in his mouth!
Such a HUGE accomplishment because he would only
pick up and eat things he wasn't supposed to.
like our cell phones or keys.
He still eats those too, but at least he can eat snacks on his own!
-Chance has FUZZY dirty blonde hair with a red tint to it.
-We have decided his eyes are HAZEL.
They are different EVERY DAY!!!
Some days they are the same color as my dad's - this really light brown with green
some days they are just green
some days they are just brown
and my FAVORITE some days they are brown outlined with dark blue.