Thursday, June 23, 2011

fight night!

due to some amazing movies that
have come out recently,
i have developed a love for watching

shadoe took me to the CFC (crown fighting championship)
in st george this last weekend,
and i LOVED it!!

his friend cris rogers is a fighter so we enjoy watching him
win every time! he's AMAZING!

i love getting to spend time with shadoe
in an environment we both enjoy!
the fights didn't end till around 11
and then we went out to eat at applebee's afterwards!
as a result, we didn't get home until 2:30 a.m.
and it nearly killed me!
i was sooooo tired. and now i remember why i don't stay up late anymore!!

chance is 5ive months old! WARNING: photo overload.

seriously. we do.
here are a BUNCH of pictures of him!

chance has decided he prefers to sleep on his side.
here he is holding onto the crib to do so.
me and chance hanging out in our sweats on a chilly day.
oh i just love him. sooo much.

i loooooooooooooove this picture!!!
classic bath picture. :)
he's adorable huh??
my favorite picture of chance so far!
this is the monkey aunt diondra gave him
& he loves it!
this is me and chance beating the heat.
we went swimming in the bath tub!
well... we mostly just sat down and splashed.

i have a model baby. :)

sean's graduation!

i had the amazing opportunity to take sean's senior pictures,
and put together his graduation announcement.
so here are my favorite pictures!

and here is the FINAL graduation announcement...
took FOREVER! because i was making it in Kanab.
so it was difficult, but it worked!

as hard as i try to get my mom to send me pictures
(by trying i mean asking once and never asking again. my fault. not hers.)
she doesn't.
so here are the two pictures i have of us visiting for Sean's graduation!!

me and shadoe taking turns holding chance!
chance was really great during graduation.
he loved getting to see aunt jenna, grandma sherry, grandpa thom, aunt lyn, and uncle jim!
he loves his family!!

after graduation we dropped jenna off at school
(it was her year book signing day!)
and went to iggy's with everyone else.
we had fun playing a little trivia game lyn came up with
and enjoyed great conversation.

we were lucky (thanks to my dad) to get a bunch of stuff fixed on our car
for a total of $110!!
we got two new tires, new brake pads, and an oil change!
i love that my dad has all the right connections for cars.
i love my daddy!